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Without doubt having excellent braking ability is paramount. Ensuring your safety and the safety of your loved ones. If you have noisy brakes, soft or spongy brakes or a steering shudder make a time to come in and see us for a brake inspection and quote, where necessary.


Braking systems create a lot of HEAT when in use. This heat can cause warping, bending, glazing and wear on the brake components.

Problems show up as:

Shuddering • Pedal Pulsing • Squeak or Squeal  • Poor or Slow Response • Brake Fade


Replacing the brake pads, in most cases, is the answer but on occasion the Disc Rotor surface will need machining.

The worse case

The Disc Rotors are too thin to be machined and will need to be replaced along with the pads.


Get your Technician to check your brakes at each service [the good ones already do this].
Refrain from getting cold water [such as when you wash the vehicle] on HOT brake parts especially after heavy braking periods.

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